2011 May 02
Offensive Use of cross jewelry by celebrities
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Hello! Today we are going to look at the ongoing debate of wearing cross jewelry among non-believers.

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Pop singer and legendary bad girl, Madonna, the undisputed Queen of Pop Video Controversy shocked the world and angered the Catholic Pope with her use of the cross. Her constant use of religious artifacts was strongly condemned and considered sacrilegious. Hanging herself from the cross was over the top and earned her the “blasphemous” title.


Many pop stars and celebrities have worn cross jewlery and other religious artifacts as accessories. Pop stars and other celebrities like Cher, Jennifer Anniston, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Naomi Campbell have all worn crosses as jewelry. In 2002 the Vatican issued an edict denouncing these same celebrities for wearing the cross as jewelry. The Vatican was outraged that the celebrities were turning the cross into “the mania of the moment”.


Since 2002, cross jewelry has become increasingly popular among celebrities and the general public. Both believers and non-believers wear the cross, although for different reasons. Believers wear the cross because it symbolizes the sacrifice Christ made and wearing the cross expresses their love for Christ. Non-believers wear cross jewelry for a number of reasons, including its popularity among trend-setting celebrities.

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